the CURE project

CUstomization + Retention + EXPLORATION


the CURE project is an initiative of Kent Center, Inc., funded by DORS (Division of REHABILITATIVE services). It is our belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to better themselves, and be better prepared for the world of employment.


      The mission of, "the CURE project" (CUstomization.Retention.Exploration)- Work Adjustment Training held by Kent Center, Inc. is for each session to run for 4 weeks and total 20 days. The goal of this program is to introduce the class to the work world and teach the skills needed to look for, obtain, and retain employment. It is also our intent to provide a means for the exploration of educational opportunities to enhance attendees personal & work life. 

      We will be giving instruction in the areas of resume building, internet job searching, application completion, social/coping skills, budgeting (& other money management topics), along with education on the recent employment changes(minimum wage, Equal Opportunity Employment regulations,  ABLE account, etc.).Covering the importance of acceptable appearance, communication (listening, verbal & non-verbal), and behavior during the entire employment process will be an ongoing goal throughout the program. Understanding work culture and the actual role/goals a job-coach may have is another topic that will be discussed.

     Kent Center, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that provides highly personalized 24-hour a day services for adults who have a broad spectrum of developmental disabilities, such as intellectual disabilities, autism, cerebral palsy, and/or physical disabilities.  Since 1970, the mission of Kent Center has been to ensure the safety and well being of each individual family member, treat them with respect and dignity and provide enriching opportunities and choices which will enable them to independently live, work and contribute positively to our community to the greatest extent of their abilities.

DISCIPLINE is just choosing between
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Kent Center Inc.


Kent Center, Inc.

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         The staff of Kent Center Inc. (KCI) would like to take this opportunity to welcome you into our family. We are here to help you recognize and achieve all the goals you may have in your life and to make this experience one to remember. We can, however, only help you to the extent that you are:


·         Willing to try new things,

·         Willing to work with your team, to come up with realistic goals of achievement,

·         Understand KCI wants to empower all the people we serve, and

·         Give back to our local community.


It is our hope that your time with us will help you to aspire to greatness in whatever way you see fit.



          Kent Center is the primary provider in Kent and northern Queen Anne’s Counties, of daytime, vocational, PSS (CSLA), respite, supported employment, and/or residential services for 60 adults.  Kent Center’s services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each person we have the privilege of working with and focus on enhancing their lives as well as the lives of the families that love them.


         Through our programs and community connection opportunities, such as field trips and community volunteering, our family members are able to create networks of friends and supports, develop their diverse interests, achieve their personal goals and dreams, and to simply flourish in a safe and nurturing environment.




         Kent Center’s Day program was designed for individuals with moderate to severe disabilities.

Our programs encourage each person to work on a variety of skills leading to more independent living and working.  Individuals with moderate disabilities learn pre-vocational skills such as basic assembly, which are used to fulfill contracts from local businesses.  Individuals with severe disabilities are trained in basic self-help skills and activities of daily living, when possible.


Social and recreational skills are emphasized and group participation and interaction encouraged.





         Through our Vocational Program, each member of our Kent Center family is engaged in paid employment as outlined in their unique plans and based on their abilities and interests.  Utilizing work task assessments, job and skills trainings and in-house work opportunities, each person is matched with paid work that fits their abilities, goals and objectives.  This work provides our family members with opportunities to build their skills, self-sufficiency and confidence in a job well done.



        Participants are engaged in paid contract work within our Kent Center Enterprises, or sheltered workshops in the community with on-going staff support.  Kent Center’s retail thrift store, Hidden Treasures, provides clients interested in working in a controlled environment within Chestertown, a sheltered workshop where they can work with group or one-to-one job coaching so they may complete their jobs and experience the pride and satisfaction that come with a job well done. At Infinity Recycling, clients are given the opportunity to work out in the community, but in a group setting with supports.


        For Kent Center clients capable of and interested in working, but who do not wish to leave the safe haven of Kent Center, there are several on-site employment opportunities, including assembly, packaging, paper shredding and bulk mail services. Very recently, Kent House Kitchen and Provisions has opened up! There our clients may have the opportunity to intern, which may lead to future employment while providing an excellent space to learn work place social skills, in addition to hands on restaurant skills. Through this program, companies such as Dixon Valve & Coupling, the United Way of Kent County, and others contract with our Kent Center Enterprises





         One strategy Kent Center utilizes to achieve its mission is the implementation of the Supported Employment Services program to provide the supports necessary for individuals to successfully attain and maintain a work position in the community.  Through this program, which is done in partnership with the Maryland Division of Rehabilitative Services, Kent Center provides its clients:


  • Training and experiential learning opportunities focused on pre-job skills such as community mobility training, building acceptable job behaviors, job seeking and interviewing skills, and resume development.
  • Connections to training's available throughout the community that focus on providing additional job readiness skills and job specific skills.
  • Training and on-the-job coaching from personal job coaches for clients who demonstrate capability and express an interest in entering the community workforce.  The clients are paired with community partners such as local grocery stores, food services and offices.
  • One-on-one assistance with resume writing, interviewing, interview follow-up, and other job connection


                        Kent Center Inc.’s Work Adjustment Training is held by the Supported Employment Department and is funded through DORS               (Division of Rehabilitation Services). This program is to run for 4 weeks and total 20 days. The goal of this program is to introduce the                     class to the work world; and teach the skills needed to look for, obtain, and retain employment.


          We will be giving instruction in the areas of resume building, internet job searching, application completion, social/coping skills, budgeting (& other money management topics), along with education on the recent employment changes(minimum wage, Equal Opportunity Employment regulations,  ABLE account, etc.).Covering the importance of acceptable appearance, communication (listening, verbal & non-verbal), and behavior during the entire employment process will be an ongoing goal throughout the program. Understanding work culture and the actual role/goals a job-coach may have is another topic that will be discussed


 Currently there is a joint effort between Kent County Public Schools and Kent Center to bring this program to the high school population through the PETS program (Pre Employment Transition Services).


“Students with Disabilities” eligible to receive PETS would include an individual who:

·         Is still enrolled in secondary school (high school) and has not yet exited, graduated, or withdrawn.

·         Has a disability (receives services under an IEP, a 504 Plan, or has a disability for purposes of section 504).

·         Is at least 14 years old but less than 22 years old.


http://dors.maryland.gov                                                                                                                  http://www.doleta.gov/wioa/Overview.cfm



         Through CSLA Programming, individuals are provided with the support they need to enable them to successfully live and thrive in their own homes, apartments, family homes, or rental units.  The CSLA is very flexible and provides each individual with the choice and the opportunity to control their home and how they live their lives.

         The types of services provided through CSLA include meal preparation, engagement in community events and activities, assistance with medical appointments, help with shopping and other errands, money management, and other services that enable participants to thrive in their home environment.

         Social interaction is an important part of daily life, along with community involvement. PSS allows for a more person centered experience, where with our support, clients are able to live more independently. These services are not available in combination with DDA Residential funds.


FAMILY/ISS (Intensive Support Services) & RESPITE

         Through Family/Individual Support Services (ISS), Kent Center provides the support services necessary for adults to successfully live with their families or on their own.

Included are respite services, transportation, environmental modifications, adaptive equipment, money management and home skills.  This is similar to PSS (CSLA) but has fewer restrictions on activities

         Short-term support (Respite) is another service under the ISS program. Respite refers to short term, temporary care provided to people with intellectual disabilities in order to give families a break from the daily routine of care giving. Respite services may be for several hours only or extended to include several days and overnight care. Trained personnel assist the individual in activities of daily living to promote the individual’s health and safety.



         Kent Center provides a home for people who may have previously been unable to live in the community due to complex medical conditions and/or severe disabilities. Kent Center offers a variety of community residential options, with most of our clients living in single family homes in residential communities. Throughout Kent and northern Queen Anne’s Counties, Kent Center owns or rents private homes and apartments.  Residential arrangements are based primarily on the complexity, and level of services required by the individual.

         Kent Center’s goal is to provide assistance to individuals that will promote personal growth, foster autonomy, and compliment and build on an individual’, strengths for greater independence in living. Some homes offer 24-hour support with awake overnight staffing to provide assistance to individuals who need this level of intensity in supports, while other homes have less support, for individuals who require less support to be successful, safe, and content.


         Kent Center Inc. provides pick up services for nearly every Kent Center client, Monday through Friday mornings, and delivers them to their place of employment if they work/volunteer in the morning, or our 215 Scheeler Road building for Day/Vocational/Supported Employment programming.  Transportation is also provided Monday through Friday to return our clients home.

         Outside of this regularly scheduled transportation, Kent Center utilizes its vehicles to provide the transportation required to fulfill the individual plans as set forth in partnership with the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA).  These plans are created for each client with the client’s engagement, and outline their goals and dreams as well as their strategies for their successful achievement.  This unscheduled transportation includes travel to off-hour employment, life skills training opportunities, interviews, volunteer opportunities, field trips, job trainings, medical appointments, recreational events, and everyday living travel.

         For our residential clients, transportation services are also provided for evening/weekend appointments and jobs, errand running, visits to family and friends, participation in community events such as local festivals and library visits, and for general life activities, including going out to dinner, movies, and local day trips, and unscheduled, irregular travel that comes with everyday living.

        With the support of the MTA, the Mid-Shore Community Foundation, and all of our amazing Goose Bump Jumpers, we were able to get a new bus to help connect our family members to opportunities to help make their dreams come true.  On Tuesday October 7th, 2014, we celebrated this new bus.

         Kent Center, Inc. is committed to ensuring that no person is excluded from participation in, or denied the benefits of its transportation services on the basis of race, color or national origin, as protected by Title VI in the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Circular 4702.1B. The Kent Center, Inc. leadership has expanded its list of protected persons to prohibit discrimination on the basis of religion, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, age, disability, veteran or military status, primary language spoken, or genetic information.  For additional information on Kent Center Inc.’s nondiscrimination policies and procedures, or to file a complaint, contact the Development Director.


What are the applications procedures like, and is there a wait list for services?

KCI requires that everyone who is interested in services have an initial “intake” meeting with members of the admissions committee (which can be coordinated through your DDA Community Services Coordinator).  The intention of this meeting is to get a sense of the types of supports the person needs and assess whether or not KCI would be a good fit for the individual. This also gives the individual and their family/team an opportunity to evaluate and determine if KCI is in fact the right “fit”. Currently there is not a waiting list for our Day and Supported Employment Program Services.  There are some openings in Residential Services; however all placement decisions are made based on compatibility with other individuals in the home, and across the board, staff competencies, and family support.  Family involvement and positive support is encouraged to ensure KCI and the family are working together to ensure the experience for any one individual is fruitful and fulfilling!


Are There Visiting Hours for Family Members?

There are no visiting hour limitations for family members; however KCI maintains responsibility to ensure that all individuals who receive residential supports have the privacy and quiet they deserve during typical “sleep” hours. In this sense; the same applies in regards in on-site visitation during our Day Program hours, where individuals should enjoy the same degree of privacy and safety.  Therefore, we ask family members for sensitivity when arriving to our homes late at night or early in the mornings, and to simply check in at our Administrative Office during day programming hours.  We are happy that many of our families remain very involved in the lives of their loved ones, and we encourage this positive involvement. 


How can I be sure that the care provider working with my son/daughter is qualified?

We do our best at to select the most qualified employees.  Candidates for employment submit to and pass a Criminal Background Check, an MVA (Driver’s Record) Check, and Professional References checks.  In addition, employees receive mandated state trainings that include, but are not limited to, CPR/First Aid, Behavioral Principals and Strategies, and the Maryland Board of Nursing Medication Technician course. Most recently, we have begun to utilize trainings provided by eTracking & Training Solutions. These trainings cover a wide array of topics that are common to the population we serve as KCI employees. For more information please go to; http://www.yourtrainingprovider.com/training-library/md-dda-registration . There, you can explore the catalog first hand.



         You have many rights, including rights that are not listed in this policy. We will review your rights with you and help you to enforce them. Having rights also means having responsibilities. Your rights may conflict with someone else’s rights. Your rights may be different than others’ depending on the scenario.



You Have the Right:

   To be treated with courtesy and respect and to be protected from humiliation and exploitation.

   To be informed about what services are available from this agency, and other agencies.

   To choose what services you will receive (depending on eligibility and availability).

   To be assessed and to receive services without any personal judgment.

   To refuse service.

   To privacy and confidentiality. You can expect that no information about you will be provided to anyone outside of KCI without your consent, except when you or someone else is at risk if information is not shared.

   To complain or express your concerns about a service without fear of losing service or suffering from any discrimination.

   To have any complaints dealt with fairly and promptly.

   To be represented by the advocate of your choice.

   To appeal any decision that has been made (following the procedures for the filing of a Grievance).

   To have services provided in a safe manner, protecting your dignity and independence and that is responsive to your social, cultural and physical needs.

   To receive quality services.

   To be treated and accepted as an individual and to have your individual preferences and lifestyle choices taken into account.

   To remain and be encouraged to remain as independent as possible.

   To accept responsibility for your own actions.

   To maintain control over, and to continue to make decisions about, the aspects of your daily care.

   To have freedom of speech


Client Rights For U.S. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

         ADA is a federal law that provides civil rights and protections for persons with disabilities. This law helps protect you in all areas of work, play, travel, communications and more. ADA ensures that people with disabilities cannot be refused services or work solely due to their disability. Employers and public places are required to provide equal opportunities and make reasonable accommodations for you.


         KCI is committed to upholding all state and federal ADA requirements, as well as advocating for access in the general community.

Eligibility Criteria

         In order to receive services provided by KCI, you must be at least 18 years old and your primary or secondary disability must be an intellectual disability or similar condition.


      You must have an interview with the Administrative Team which will include the assigned Program Coordinator and other designated staff member.


     All necessary release’s form MUST be completed before you begin to participate or receive services.


      Some services have supplemental eligibility criteria. Please ask questions during the application process.


      You must attend your designated KCI program(s) as outlined in your Individual Plan (IP.)


     You must have a Health Risk Screening Tool (HRST) form completed prior to starting the designated program.

       If there is a waiting list (for any reason including staff availability in some cases), you will be notified of the estimated time you may have to wait for services to begin.


     Each service provided by KCI promotes individualized planning. Your annual meeting will be reviewed with you prior to the meeting date and time.


     You must demonstrate a desire to participate in the services. KCI will try to accommodate your needs so that you may participate in the services you want.




What to Do if You Have a Concern

We aim to provide high quality services and would like you to know how to express any concerns you may have.


Your service will not be stopped if you make a complaint.

        Resolving conflicts means working on a problem with someone (staff/roommate/other). It means solving arguments and accepting differences in ideas and opinions. Your support staff can help assist you with conflict resolution.



Foremost – keep calm, take a deep breath and count to ten.

         If you DO NOT feel comfortable with the KCI staff member who provides your service, please inform his/her supervisor. A change of staff can sometimes be arranged if necessary and if resources exist.

         If you feel your rights are not being respected, or if you have any other complaints or concerns about the service you are receiving, you may try any of the following:

         If you feel comfortable enough, you may discuss the situation with the staff member concerned.  This may lead to a swift resolution.

         If the above suggestion is not appropriate or fails to sort out the problem, you may want to proceed with a Grievance. This procedure is explained further on page#12.






         Clients/Families must provide notice if they or their family member will not attend their PSS/ISS, Residential Program and/or Vocational Program as scheduled. Clients must call if they will be absent or late.  They must provide advance notice when possible about vacations, planned surgeries, etc. If you are sick or need to be away for an extended period, talk to your Program Coordinator and make a plan for returning to KCI.




          If you are receiving PSS/ISS services and you have a prearranged absence, services will resume at the return date/time which was established initially with your Program Coordinator. Reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate situations where planned absences need to be rescheduled; however staffing cannot be guaranteed without at least 48hr notice. In such cases, it is the burden of the Guardian or Individual him/herself to be the caregiver for that period of time.


         Continued and consistent absences could result in adjustment to services which can result in the loss of services provided by KCI. Collaboration with Program Coordination and your support team is essential in order to avoid any service interruptions.


The Individual Plan

         Every client has an Individual Team Meeting (ITM). At the ITM meeting, an Individual Plan (IP) is created. The IP describes your needs, goals and the services that will help you meet your goals. The IP is an opportunity for you to voice your opinion, and cater your services to promote independence. KCI will help you make decisions concerning your services.

         Following the first 30 days after beginning a particular service, we will collaborate with your team and write your first IP plan that will assess your needs.

         Your support staff, manager or supervisor should offer you a range of services designed to meet your needs. If you approve, these are developed into an Individual Plan (IP) that outlines what services you will receive and when. Reviews are carried out at least semi-annually to see if your need for services have been provided in the best way possible. KCI will review and update your IP with you and your family every year during your annual ITM meeting. This is a time to discuss your needs and a time to make goals for your future. You can ask to revise your IP at any time.



Confidentiality and Privacy Notice:

KCI’s goal is to provide clients with privacy without disrupting their care. As a client, you should receive notification upon demand about how your information is protected. Please know that you or your parent/advocate must sign a release form for the agency to share sensitive information.  This form will be filed with your records. In order to access records, you must have written permission from the guardian. The most efficient way to go about this is to contact Program Coordination; at which time you will be informed to check in at the Admin desk to sign in, and then you will be given supervised access to your file.


 As a client, you have the right to be informed of:


·         Types of information that will be disclosed (nature and extent).


·         Who has the authority to disclose information and to whom the information will be disclosed.


·         For what purposes the information is needed.

Client Access of Records


         Clients, Parents, or Legal Guardians receiving services from KCI have the right to request access/review of their Childs/Wards Chart (or Binder). This arrangement is to be directed through the Human Resource Dept and/or the respective Program Coordinator. The individuals Chart (blue binders) in the Administrative Department are the only Chart’s to be used (a court issued subpoena supersedes this). The review of these documents is to be supervised by a member of the Administrative Department, to ensure there are no unauthorized additions or subtractions made to the Chart.


Grievance Procedure


         The KCI Grievance procedure is a 4 step process, all beginning with the completion of the Grievance form by a client or parent/guardian. Once completed, this form is to be turned into the Human Resources Dept. If a client or guardian needs assistance in completing the form, there is space allocated to address this issue at the bottom of the form. Once logged in, the Program Quality Assurance Coordinator will be notified in addition to the Deputy Program Director for further review. At which point, there is a 5 day window to address and respond to the initial complaint.


         A Grievance form shall not be submitted or referred to a staff member who is the subject of the complaint. If after the 4 steps of the Grievance procedure a remedy for the issues/s is not found, it will then be turned over to Risk Management Compliance for further review. Any and all formal complaints/grievances must adhere to this procedure to ensure your concerns are addressed timely and completely. Any deviation from this procedure will in turn result in a delayed and perhaps no response. The Grievance form can be obtained in the KCI Administrative office, or mailed.


General Inclement Weather Procedure


I.                    A winter storm watch is issued when severe winter conditions, such as heavy snow and/or ice are forecasted to occur within the next 24 hours. Upon receiving notification that the area surrounding our facility is under a Winter Storm watch, activate the following procedures.


A.      This Checklist will be forwarded to staff notifying employees that they should follow the procedures listed below during inclement weather.


Employees should verify materials are on hand to treat the effects of the event (shovels, salt, and sand).


Employees are advised to stock up on supplies that they may need in the event they are unable to leave the work site, including medical supplies and medication. Notify all available staff on duty.


Managers / Directors must address staffing issues using the “Call-Down List” in the event that employees report off or cannot make it to work. Employees on duty should not leave the work site until the next shift arrives in order to maintain a safe environment for the clients. Staff will understand KCI’s position is that we believe the employee’s family members are welcome at the work site in order to encourage KCI employees to assist with an emergency.


Employees should notify the individuals / clients of the storm watch.



Employees are advised to use caution when traveling or remain indoors until the threat passes.



Keep in mind the 4 / 12 rule (keep 4 car lengths behind the car in front of you and allow 12 feet for stopping).


Managers/Directors must address scheduled events during inclement weather in case they need to be cancelled.



Employees should monitor the radio weather station or the local news stations for changing conditions.



Phone Directory

Kent Center Inc. Administrative Office: 410-778-7303  (Fax) 410-778-7305


Melissa Owen, Executive Assistant……….ext.11

Wayne Jones, Human Resources……….ext. 12

Tracy Little, Director of Nursing……….ext. 13

Tina Cruz, Residential/PSS(CSLA) Supervisor……….ext. 14

 Delbra Christy, Deputy Program Director……….ext. 16

Tyrus Brown, Sr. Treatment Coordinator……….ext. 17

Jae Hurtt, Quality Assurance/Supported Employment Development Coordinator……….ext. 18

Bonnie Brady, Development Director……….ext. 20

Tania Ford, Nursing –LPN……….ext. 23

Gwen Rodney, Nursing-RN……….ext. 23

Marilyn Wright, Day/Voc Program Manager……….ext.24

Theresa Snyder, Lead Job Coach-Supported Employment……….ext. 25

Louanne Usilton, Health Services Assistant……….ext. 26

Vocational Program……….ext. 27

Chuck Little, Maintenance Manager……….ext. 29


Emergency Weekend On-Call Supervisor 410-739-6169

Front Desk……….ext. 10

Conference Room……….ext. 19

Hidden Treasures 410-778-1219


Confidentiality and Privacy Notice:

         KCI’s goal is to provide clients with privacy without disrupting their care. As a client, you should receive notification upon demand about how your information is protected. Please know that you or your parent/advocate must sign a release form for the agency to share sensitive information.  This form will be filed with your records.


 As a client, you have the right to be informed of:


   Types of information that will be disclosed (nature and extent).


  Who has the authority to disclose information and to whom the information will be disclosed.


  For what purposes the information is needed.


         Visitors to Kent Center Inc's Administrative Building/Day Program site must sign in at the front desk. Once signed in at the front desk and given official permission, the visitor(s) may proceed with the intention of their visit. Reasonable efforts to protect privacy and remain within HIPPA guidelines must be met. Kent Center Inc. recognizes Parents/Legal Guardians desire to play an active role in the lives of the individuals we serve. Arrangements to tour and/or observe our programs must be made through the HR Dept., Program Coordination, or the Q.A. Dept.


         Parents or Legal Guardians of the individuals served by Kent Center Inc, have the right to request access/review of their Childs/Wards Chart (or Binder). This arrangement is to be directed through the Human Resource Dept and/or the individuals Program Coordinator. The individuals Chart (blue binders/Nursing Dept charts) in the Administrative Department are the only Chart's to be used.



         Kent Center Inc. is funded primarily by the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA). A fee for service (private pay) will be charged for clients not eligible for this funding. We will help you determine if you are eligible to apply for DDA assistance.


         We are primarily funded to support those with developmental disabilities in Maryland, however if you fall outside this criteria we would be more than happy to discuss with you the possibility of other options and services. Please feel free to contact us.


Value Statements



        We value programs and employees that provide a safe, normalized and high quality of life for all individuals.


       We value effective communication among employees, families, clients and the community.


        We value an educated community, well informed about current services and issues for people with disabilities.

          We value employees who empower clients to take initiative and have high expectations for themselves and those we support.

         We value effective partnerships with other service providers.


        We value an environment that reflects a shared responsibility for

the well-being of our individuals.




This Program Handbook is for all clients and employees of Kent Center, Inc. It includes important information about how we may work together.

This handbook does not explain all circumstances, procedures or policies.  We are committed to working with you to improve our services. We value your input and feedback in this process. If you have a suggestion to share regarding the improvement of this handbook, please forward it to



Attn: Jae Hurtt | Quality Assurance Coordinator

Kent Center, Inc.

215 Scheeler Rd

Chestertown MD, 21620

410-778-7303 ext.18






How Can DORS Help Me?

DORS helps people with physical, emotional, intellectual, developmental, sensory and learning disabilities go to work and keep their jobs by providing services such as career assessment and counseling, assistive technology, job training, higher education and job placement.

DORS will assign a counselor who will talk with you about DORS services and find out if you are eligible for these services.

Many DORS counselors are specially trained to work with specific groups like high school students or individuals who are deaf/hard-of-hearing, blind or have persistent mental illness.

To get a DORS counselor, fill out our  or contact your nearest DORS Office to schedule your first appointment. Or click here for a link to the online referral form. http://dors.maryland.gov/consumers/Pages/referral.aspx

You are welcome bring a support person, such as a family member, friend or advocate, to this appointment and to any other meeting with DORS staff.